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Auto e-Trolley IV

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Flexible autonomous delivery platform

Building on the successes of its previous generations of autonomous delivery prototypes, KYBURZ is proud to introduce its newest fully functional autonomous delivery platform. Capable of delivering up to 250 kg and 1.5 m3 of load, the eT4 prototype operates without human intervention at any point during its mission. The eT4 introduces exciting new opportunities in last-mile deliveries, including the potential to deliver depot boxes, mobile mail lockers, or anything else with the dimensions of an EU Pallet. By decoupling the sensor and powertrain chassis from the load, large efficiencies gains are unlocked because the chassis may operate continuously while customers meet the deliveries at their convenience.

Sensor redundancy reduces need for intervention
As self-driving vehicle technology develops, the need for human intervention will be reduced. The 4th generation self-driving delivery platform from KYBURZ was developed to validate sensor systems which minimizes the need for human intervention to situations where malicious intent (vandalism, theft etc.) is detected, and in all other normal driving situations the vehicle will operate without disengagement of its autonomous systems. Only in this way will autonomous delivery systems be economically viable, and with the eT4 we have made significant progress towards this goal.

Decoupled load dramatically increases efficiency
Integrating self-driving technology into existing logistics systems introduces the problem of how to minimize robot idle time while making drop-offs with very wide delivery windows (in some cases several hours). Our solution eT4 vehicle uses is to decouple the sensor and powertrain chassis from the load with a completely autonomous loading and unloading system for this prototype. Now we can make drop-offs and continue to the next mission without interruption thereby reducing overall system cost.